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He's still in control.

With all of the uncertainty in the world right now it can become way to easy to loose hope and feel like it is all spinning out of control. I can at times feel like it's getting to be to much and feel the weight of it all pushing down on me. Seems like every time the tv is cut on its nothing more than bad news about the virus or how the economy is tanking or how bad unemployment has gotten. With all of this every minute of the day reminding us of all the doom and gloom out there it may be hard to find that place where there is hope that little piece of light that can pick you up and get your day back on a good path. Well here is my tip for you on that. God is still in control. Thats right when I feel that its just all to much for me I take a deep breath step back and remind myself that God is still in control. He has the whole world in his control. He knows how this will end and how things will turn out. He has promised me that he will not leave me or forsake me. That I must trust in hm for all things, in times like this it can be hard for me to put my trust in him and not to solely rely on myself but that's what he said that I must do. He said in all things put me first and trust in me. I am not perfect at doing this. It takes reminding myself everyday that he is here with me and that He will guide me and will provide for me. So the next time you feel like this is just to much and weighing on you step back take a breath and pray. Turn it over to God. HE said that if we will call out his name he will hear us and that we can speak to him as if speaking to a friend. So take him up on that tell Him how worried, sacred, nervous and fearful you are. Ask Him to give you peace, joy, comfort. He is faithful and will if you will ask and believe. We will come through this together and will come out on the other side stronger if we will allow our selves to grow during this time. Grow spiritually, mentally & physically we just have to be willing to put in the effort.

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