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One act a day

As I sit here thinking about all that is going on in our world and wanting to stay positive and keep a good mental attitude I think about how I can achieve this. Even right now where I live the governor just issued a stay home order for the next 30 days and my full time job closes for it. Now I will say my company is giving us 2 weeks of pay but after that we are done and have to use PTO time if we have any. So after all of this how can I stay positive??? There are a few things that help me. As I have said before I pray. I also can meditate and focus on the good that I have. Count my blessing so to speak. Workout, train just be active it helps with the stress, talk to a friend, draw, cook, read, there are countless things you can do to help with the stress and bring some enjoyment into your life. You just have to find one and then do it. One act everyday. Don’t think about how long this is going to last. Find that one act and for that time do that act. Focus on it. One act a day. Make the goal small work from just one a day as you feel better you can add to it. Just one small act is all it takes to get it started. Take a deep breath and act.

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